A Drone-Service-Provider working to build business relationships with clients that are looking to capitalize on drone based data collection for any vertical data needs in any industry

Vertical Mapping and Analytics


NIVD will map your job site and provide you with a high resolution orthomosaic map, digital surface model and interactive 3D Model.  These maps can be provided to the client within 24 hours of the drone flight.  Final deliverables to the client can include, volumetric analysis of stock piles, cut and fill calculations, time-lapse site progress monitoring and roof inspection/analysis. 

Agricultural Scouting Services


NIVD's remote sensing drones can provide you with multi-spectral maps of your fields during the growing season.  We use standard RGB sensors and specialize in Near Infrared sensing to give you true plant health imagery using agricultural standard NDVI algorithms.  We provide you a full report of our findings within 48 hours of the flight where we quantify and calculate areas of variance within your fields and discover in-season management zones.  Crop reports can specialize in damage assessment, nitrogen deficiencies, stand counts and emergence rates, drain tile location, or cover crop monitoring.

Real Estate Vertical Tours


Attract the buyers and win the sellers!  NIVDs drone team will visit your real estate listing to capture unique and creative vertical angles of your client's property.  We'll then edit our footage and provide you with a smooth streaming vertical tour of your listing that includes background music and ambient sound effects.  Just want photos?  We can do that too!

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