A Drone-Service-Provider working to build business relationships with clients that are looking to capitalize on drone based data collection for any vertical data needs in any industry

Trevor Hogan
Chief Executive Officer


Trevor Hogan has been piloting drones commercially since 2013 while starting a drone based photography business.  Since then he has performed work for clients in real estate, agriculture, construction and mining, public safety and journalism.   Trevor specializes in post-processing of drone collected data and customizes the delivery of information to meet the clients needs.  Trevor is also a full-time firefighter with Rockford Fire Department where he has implemented one of the first public safety drone operations programs in Illinois.

David Hillis
Chief Financial Officer


David Hillis has lived in the greater Rockford, Illinois area for most of his life.  He now lives in Byron, Illinois with his beautiful wife Ashley and their two children Gabby and David Jr.  David graduated with honors from Judson University with a degree in management and leadership.  He enjoys helping others as he has found careers as both a firefighter/paramedic and owner of a local home inspection company.  He has continued to pursue a fast and upscale career path with Northern Illinois Vertical Data (NIVD) as their treasurer.  David's focus is on building postitive costumer and community relationships by providing valuable vertical data to a multitude of industries.  Grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the NIVD team, David makes sure clients get the data and service that is customary from NIVD.

Patrick Dangerfield
Chief Operations Officer


Patrick Dangerfield is a United States Air Force veteran and has been flying drones since 2016 commercially and recreationally. Performing work in many industries including agriculture, real estate, journalism, construction and mining.  Patrick also does specific work with drones in Ag Science as a drone pilot and Senior Field Research Assistant.     

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